Communicating the importance of numeracy skills is a key task for National Numeracy.

We aim to spark a new debate about numeracy and society’s attitude to maths and drive home the message that numeracy is vital for everyone.

How will we do it?

  • Work with organisations and individuals that have the ability to influence public opinion. Take a look at our National Numeracy Ambassadors.

  • Seek to ensure via the media that there is a wide understanding of why numeracy is important, how it has been neglected and the serious impact of this neglect and how it is possible to remedy the situation.

  • Raise awareness of our aims and our work among the education and academic sectors, business and the workplace, and among other relevant charities and campaigning organisations.

  • Lobby and work with ministers, politicians and officials to ensure that money is spent effectively on raising numeracy levels.

  • Criticise government policies or actions that we regard as counter-productive or inadequate.

  • Draw attention to anyone in the public eye who dismisses maths as unimportant or parades an “I can’t do maths” attitude.

  • Aim to show that a negative attitude to maths – even among otherwise high achievers – is part of the same culture that allows millions of people to struggle with very low numeracy skills. Our message is that this culture must and can change.


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