We want every young person in the UK to reach a level of numeracy that allows them to follow the career or further education path of their choice when they leave school. We want them to reach a level of numeracy that enables them to realise their full potential in their personal and social life too. We want it to be unacceptable for poor numeracy to hold back individuals at any point in their life after school.

It’s about everyone

This objective must play an important part in directing teaching and learning policies in schools. Teachers themselves must be intent on supporting all learners to reach a level of numeracy appropriate to their daily life and future education or career pathways.

Across all subject

In the school curriculum, numeracy is a proficiency developed mainly in mathematics lessons, but also applied and extended in other subjects. The present curriculum in England is based on the National Curriculum which was introduced in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales in 1989 and which aimed to ensure the teaching of a common curriculum in all schools. The National Curriculum in England is currently undergoing a review led by the Department for Education (DfE) with a revised mathematics curriculum due to be implemented in schools from September 2014.

Curriculum Review

At the start of the review process in January 2011, the DfE made clear its intention to develop a curriculum that would compare favourably with those in the highest performing countries and that would reflect the best collective wisdom about how children learn and what they should know. We welcome the statement of principles from the expert panel advising the government and in particular the commitment that “The new National Curriculum will be developed in line with the principles of freedom, responsibility and fairness – to raise standards for all children”.

Our role

National Numeracy will work with everyone with an interest in maths education to ensure that mathematics and numeracy remain a major priority in the school curriculum and that the revised curriculum clearly expresses an entitlement for all learners to achieve high standards in mathematics and numeracy.

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