What is out there?

Although there is less research on numeracy and mathematics than there is on literacy, there is still a lot of research out there. However, the disparate nature of this work means it often fails to get sufficient attention and is rarely rationalised or clearly summarised.

Data on ‘the problem’

Our what the research says page shows some of the most recent or pertinent reports highlighting the issues around maths and numeracy. You can also read the full reports and summaries of other research in the resources area of the website. For those that care to look, there is overwhelming evidence that we need to do something different – but the key question is what…

Our role – bringing together research into ‘the solution’

National Numeracy will seek to widen knowledge of research by citing, collating, summarising and promoting relevant work in a coherent and consistent way. We will also identify gaps in the field and support new research into ways of improving low levels of numeracy. We will actively lobby to improve the gathering and dissemination of evidence, with a particular emphasis on promoting resources and approaches which bring the greatest benefit to learners with the greatest need. Throughout National Numeracy will aim to bring rigour to evaluation.

Just as there is no single problem, there is also no single solution, but we hope that by our unrelenting focus on numeracy across the age spectrum, working with partners and running our own projects putting research into practice we will start to gain a clearer idea of what works…

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Our projects - Research into practice

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What the research says

What the research says

Some of the headlines from recent research into numeracy

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