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How The Challenge helps students with non-maths A levels

"Don't underestimate the amount of maths in A-Level psychology!"

teacher mark eccleston and students

Aoife, Katy and Adele, pictured here with Mark Eccleston, Numeracy Coordinator, are studying A levels at Farnborough Sixth Form College. They took the NN Challenge last year – what did they think of it and where does maths fit into their courses?

Aoife studying Psychology, Biology and Geography

“I helped out at the college open evening for psychology and I kept telling people who were thinking of studying – don’t underestimate the amount of maths in psychology! People think it’s not a mathematical subject but everyone’s surprised how much there is – data and stats - it really helps if you know the basics.

“The Challenge was a good refresher for stats and for basics in maths and shows you what you need to work on.”

Katy studying Psychology Biology and History

“There are stats and maths in biology and so yes, I feel I need to be confident in maths…when I was doing the Challenge I remember some of the questions were about taxes and I thought ‘I don’t know anything about this’ – I’d really like to see questions about my everyday life, the kind of maths we have to use…”

Adele studying French, Maths and Biology

“Yes, like the maths in budgeting - when we leave home and have to take charge of our own money at university – it would help to be able to answer questions around that.”

“I’d recommend it, it’s not just about getting the answer right – it helps you look at situations and reflect on them, and if you’re unsure it points you towards help.”

All of which begs the question, if you’re haven’t tried the Challenge yet: what are you waiting for?

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