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National Numeracy Challenge to launch in Liverpool

Liverpool city region will be the largest area of the country to sign up to the Challenge Online

L’Oréal Paris UK drops ‘no good at maths’ advertising tagline

L’Oréal Paris UK drops its ‘no good at maths’ advertising tagline after complaint from National Numeracy

Pupils’ numeracy skills in Wales are cause for concern

The state of maths education in schools in Wales is criticised in an annual report this week

Government response to the inquiry into adult English and maths skills

Skills Minister Nick Boles agrees with main thrust of the report and points to a number of new measures 

Ofsted Annual Report on Further Education and Skills

Maths and English in FE sector "not good enough" according to Ofsted

Fair Education Alliance warn that ‘the nation will pay twice for the Class Ceiling in Education’

Report warns that the achievement gap between young people from different backgrounds needs to narrow

Stop nursery children falling behind in maths, says All-Party Parliamentary Group

Too many early years settings fail to provide young children with a good start to their maths education. The first report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Maths and Numeracy is calling for a better trained and qualified workforce that inspires a ‘can-do’ attitude in early years maths teaching.

National Numeracy teams up with BBC Maths Of The Day

National Numeracy teams up with BBC Sport and BBC Learning for 'Maths Of The Day'

Manifesto for a Numerate UK

Charity outlines essential steps needed to eliminate the national scourge of poor maths skills among adults and children.

Nationwide Building Society - improving the level of numeracy across the UK

Nationwide has been a supporter of National Numeracy since 2012.