Fair Education Alliance warn that ‘the nation will pay twice for the Class Ceiling in Education’

According to a report from the Fair Education Alliance released today, “the nation will pay twice” for a child’s education unless actions are taken to narrow the achievement gap between young people from the poorest communities and those from the wealthiest.

National Numeracy is pleased to endorse this important report revealing the extent and the impact of the educational divide in this country. The report suggests a ‘class ceiling’ exists both inside and outside the classroom - dictating success is still the preserve of the wealthy.

The attainment gap is particularly high in maths - too many young people leave school without the crucial numeracy skills they need for life and this affects both their job chances and their general wellbeing. National Numeracy aims to work with others to shrink this gap and ensure that children throughout the UK don’t miss out on opportunities in life because of poor numeracy.

Read the full report from the Fair Education Alliance.