It doesn’t add up - what’s wrong with maths?

As experts in assessment, Cambridge Assessment believed that a sensible debate was needed to help construct a better maths curriculum for England and yesterday they hosted ‘It doesn’t add up: what’s wrong with maths?’

We can't escape the fact that maths skills are not only core to our understanding of other subjects but integral to the vitality of a modern economy. But is the ‘right’ maths being taught in schools? And how do we ensure students get a ‘proper’ maths education at the right age?

The debates comprised three main sections:

  • Numeracy, arithmetic, maths – what age and at what stage?
  • How to make maths relevant
  • Whether technology is changing maths for the better.


You can watch the full event via Policy TV.

Within this National Numeracy’s Lynn Churchman was invited to take part in the first debate - Numeracy, arithmetic, maths – what age and at what stage? - which you can watch from around 11 minutes 21 seconds in.


As well as introducing National Numeracy’s aims, Lynn highlighted three key concerns:

  • Mindset – it is not ‘cool’ to be rubbish at maths, we need everyone to realise the importance of maths and that there is no ‘maths gene’.
  • Curriculum – is the new one right? Introducing our Essentials of Numeracy for All model.
  • Image of the subject – people need to value what maths and being numerate is, we are not talking about the maths learnt in school, it is about making informed choices and decisions, as consumer and in life.