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National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day is about helping everyone in the UK to build the confidence and skills they need to use numbers well. It's our big annual event and this year it takes place 13 May 2020.

What is National Numeracy Day?

National Numeracy Day is a celebration of numbers and how we use them in everyday life. Many of us say we’re not numbers people. But numbers play a big part in all our lives. 

The aim is to help everyone in the UK to have the confidence and skills to benefit from using numbers. It brings together individuals, employers, educators and supporters from across the UK.

The campaign is run by National Numeracy and founding supporter KPMG.

Why is it needed?

The big picture

In our 2019 report Building a Numerate Nation we surveyed over 100 MPs, 80% of those that answered underestimated the scale and cost of poor numeracy. When faced with the facts on this issue over 90% of MPs and business people agreed that there needs to be a renewed focus on adult numeracy. 

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Poor numeracy skills are estimated to cost the UK economy £20.2 billion every year. Improving numeracy skills builds resilience for individual employers and for business as a whole, making them better equipped to thrive in uncertain economic times. 

The cost to individuals

Public attitudes towards maths and numbers in the UK are overwhelmingly negative. National Numeracy’s 2018 survey found that just over a third (35%) of people said they would like to improve their numeracy – and of those who didn’t, almost two thirds (65%) said they didn’t think they needed to, and 30% didn’t see how it would benefit them.

Research consistently shows that around half of the UK's adults don't have all the numeracy skills they need. With low numeracy linked to lower wages and even poor mental health we need to change the way numbers are viewed and empower everyone to gain the numeracy skills they need. 

How National Numeracy Day helps

In years 2018 and 2019 over 50,000 people took steps to improve their everyday maths as part of National Numeracy Day. 

National Numeracy Day - 13th May 2020

We continue to work with organsations including NHS health trusts, Amazon UK, Santander, TP ICAP, The Scottish Government, Unison and many others to get their staff, students and membership to take steps to build their confidence with numbers as part of National Numeracy Day.

This year, with big improvements to our National Numeracy Challenge website, we want thousands more to improve their confidence and their skills.

Try the National numeracy challenge

How you can be part of it  

Together we can ensure everyone has the skills to use numbers with competence and confidence in their daily lives. 

Join us on National Numeracy Day, 13 May 2020, to raise awareness of the importance of numbers in our daily lives and shine a light on the crippling anxiety felt by millions of people around maths.  

Sign-up to be a Champion. Get tailored materials to help you spread the word and get people learning whether it's in a school, workplace, among adult learners or as an individual. 

Be a National Numeracy Day Champion

Sign-up to add your voice to the growing movement of organisations supporting National Numeracy Day. You'll get access to campaign materials, a personal shareable link and email updates.

Try the National Numeracy Challenge

However you feel about maths, you’re not alone. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website you can use to improve your confidence with numbers.   

It’s ideal for brushing up, checking your level, or for catching up on learning you missed, and it’s all about the maths you need in daily life and at work – no algebra or trigonometry.

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