National Numeracy welcomes the government’s green paper  Building Our Industrial Strategy  and its recognition of the links between everyday maths skills and productivity.






A new research project will determine what essential maths skills and understanding young people should have by the age of 14.  

The latest report from the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) has shown no significant improvement for the UK in mathematics performance over the past 3 years.

National Numeracy’s new everyday maths app caused a buzz at The Skills Show last week as it inspired thousands of young visitors to explore everyday maths through gaming. 

The UK’s international ranking on financial knowledge has ‘big costs’ for individuals and the economy, says Bank of England chief economist, as numeracy charity calls for more practical skills for young people.

Involving parents in their children’s maths learning clearly improves classroom performance and confidence, according to a new report published today. 

National Numeracy and Maths on Toast have announced the winners of the summer holiday drawing competition, in which children aged 13 and under were tasked with designing a number superhero.

Try out our freakishly fun sample activity from our Family Maths Scrapbooks with your kids this Halloween to make maths a part of everyday life.

Young people face a worrying gap between school and real-life maths, says charity as it unveils new approach to hooking 16-25 year-olds into maths through the medium of gaming.

National Numeracy was delighted to receive over 800 entries to its first summer holiday drawing competition, run in collaboration with Maths on Toast.  

The Making Maths Count Group has published a report calling for action to change cultural attitudes to maths. 

Get your paintbrushes, crayons, pens and pencils at the ready... National Numeracy and Maths on Toast want you to design a number superhero!

Poor numeracy skills may be letting people down in understanding dietary guidelines.

We're got five copies of Maths On The Go to give away, a new book filled with ideas for families and kids.