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The Numbers Game
by Santander

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Improve your confidence and skills

Feel out of your depth when helping the kids with their maths homework? Boost your number confidence and skills with the free the National Numeracy Challenge.
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The Numbers Game: Tournament Edition

Reflecting the school’s curriculum, this interactive maths educational game is based on the UEFA Champions League for ages 5 – 14. Featuring Europe’s’ finest footballers, this game is FREE and can be played on PC, mobile or tablet.
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Rio Ferdinand

“As a dad of three school-aged children, with a son on the way, I’m very passionate about making sure that kids have the best education possible. The home-schooling experience during lockdown really opened my eyes to how challenging it can be to get children engaged with their schoolwork, especially maths.

The beautiful game of football is made up entirely of numbers and has the transformative power to motivate children as much inside the classroom as it can outdoors. I’m proud to be representing this campaign and excited about its implementation in schools and homes all over the UK.”

Rio Ferdinand