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the National Numeracy Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free, online learning tool designed to help you improve your everyday maths skills in manageable steps whilst building your confidence along the way.

Join the 280,000 other adults who have registered to find out their numeracy level.

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Rachel Riley explains what we mean by numeracy and how you can use it to get ahead in life

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About the Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free online assessment tool. It's designed to give you an accurate picture of your everyday maths skills.

You start by registering and completing the Check-Up, which gives you your numeracy level.

It then gives you the tools to learn in manageable steps, building confidence along the way as you improve your skills with numbers. 

The Challenge focuses on the number skills that everyone needs to function at home and at work. These are the skills that help you manage your money, work out measurements and make sense of figures in the media.

It's designed for people to use on their own or as part of a learning programme in the workplace or other community setting.

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It is appropriate for adults with numeracy from Entry Level 2 up to Level 2, roughly equivalent to A*-C at GCSE.

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