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How I feel about maths

Lots of people don’t feel good about maths. Even the thought of having to use numbers can make people feel overwhelmed, anxious or panicked.

However you do feel about it, you’re not alone. Feeling this way is not the same as being bad at maths.

There are many reasons that people feel this way. But whatever the reason you feel anxious about maths, it doesn’t mean you can’t get better at it. 

Think about how you feel about maths. Watch the video below to hear what other people have to say. Do any of their feelings match with yours?

Notice how lots of different people say they have bad feelings about maths. It didn’t mean they couldn’t learn maths. 

These feelings can be overcome. By having a go and then sticking with it, you might find your feelings about maths change. Keep practising and your confidence and skills can grow. 

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