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Martin Lewis urges you to give this a go

Our charity ambassador Martin Lewis says improving your maths will help YOU in daily life.

So take a tip from the nation's favourite Money Saving Expert and get started with the National Numeracy Challenge now. 

92% of our users would recommend it to family and friends. 

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Watch Martin explain why he wants you to brush up on your maths

You might not love numbers, but we can help you feel more confident with them. 

Martin says: "Try and improve, because it will do you better". And what better time than Number Confidence Week to start? 

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What is Number Confidence Week?

It's an opportunity to deal with the powerful and largely unseen issue of low confidence with numbers. Low confidence with numbers can hold us back in our own lives, and can even affect how our children feel about maths. Find out more

Why not take a small but significant step to build your confidence with numbers today by signing up - for free - to the National Numeracy Challenge.  

How can the Challenge help me?

From bagging a bargain to helping your kids, we all need to use numbers in everyday life. If you don't feel very confident, we can help! Our free online learning tool helps adults brush up on their number confidence AND skills.

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Help tailored just for you
Our tool matches your level. It helps you learn and improve step-by-step.


On mobile, or any device
You can use the Challenge anywhere, any time. It's up to you! Just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

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9 out of 10 users recommend
Join over half a million people using the Challenge to improve their lives. 92% say they would recommend it to family and friends. 

Take 10 minutes to give your number confidence a boost

Who we are

We are National Numeracy, a charity set up in 2012 to raise the levels of numeracy in the UK among both adults and children. The Government's 2011 Skills for Life report found that 49% of adults in the UK have the numeracy expected of primary school children, we want to change this. Our online Challenge is a free, confidential way for adults to test and improve their numeracy.

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Hear from someone we've helped

Maria, from Oxfordshire, works with numbers every day but had always found maths extremely painful. She thought it was a feeling she'd never be able to overcome, and instead helped those around her to progress.

She spoke to us about facing her fears, and the reward of self-confidence and said:

"The National Numeracy Challenge is a positive message; it’s not demanding of anyone, and it’s not judging anyone. It was the fear of judgement that was getting to me before. And when you’re acting out of fear and doing things to compensate for this worry that everyone thinks you’re stupid, you do really obsessive things. National Numeracy’s positive messaging makes you think, “Somebody cares. Somebody’s cared enough to produce this.” So, thank you!"


Our promise to you

We are a charity. We don't share your details. We exist just to help YOU. 

What do you get?

Signing up gives you FREE access to:

- A complete learning programme, starting at your level

- Help with boosting your number confidence as well as your skills 

- Videos from people who feel just like you

- Helpful hints and tips

You can also cancel any time.