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Let's get number confident together

Number Confidence Week is held in November, but you can use the resources on this page year-round and get inspired and ready for this year's campaign!

'Confidence with numbers' means feeling confident to use the kind of maths we need in every-day situations, at home and at work. 

Shopping, managing your bank account, helping kids with homework…numbers are everywhere. 

Feeling confident about using them works in your favour, in every aspect of daily life.

Number Confidence Week is all about taking that first step of building confidence. Everything is free, so dive in!

What’s on during Number Confidence Week?

We went big on the feel-good factor for this year’s Number Confidence Week...

On our social media channels

X: @Nat_Numeracy | Facebook: @nationalnumeracy | Instagram: @national_numeracy | LinkedIn: National Numeracy

On our website

Free resources – designed to help YOU feel good about numbers....try ‘Chuck It in the Bucket’ or ‘Put It in the Piggy’, download our myth-busting card set, and much more.

Wellness – use our 5-day or 30-day habit trackers to help reach your number confidence goals.

Money management – resources and videos to help you feel more confident with your cash.

Children Grab a children’s activity pack, there’s something for everyone aged 4 to 16!

Tips and advice our celebrity videos have heaps of hot tips and tricks to help you.

Real-life stories – hear what a difference number confidence has made to people’s lives.

From our celebrity ambassadors 

Click or tap any of the images below to follow the links.

Why does number confidence matter? 

Feeling confident with numbers makes it easier to build number skills. And building number skills helps us make good decisions in life, at home and at work.

That's why Number Confidence Week is all about taking that first step...building confidence. It can be life-changing!

Don't take our word for it, hear how finding number confidence helped Maryam, Stacey and Oreleo in these short videos...

Helping you with maths anxiety and dyscalculia

Many of us feel anxious about maths, and some of us are affected by dyscalculia, often described as 'dyslexia with numbers'. 

We have heaps of helpful information and free resources on these topics. 

Martin Lewis urges you to give the National Numeracy Challenge a go!

Our charity ambassador Martin Lewis believes improving your maths can help you in your everyday life. He says: "Try and improve because it will do you better."

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free website you can use on your phone, tablet or computer to check your numeracy skills and build your confidence with numbers. 

So take a tip from the nation's favourite Money Saving Expert and get started now.

Over half a million people have now signed up and 92% of users would recommend it to family and friends.

Martin Lewis money saving expert and National Numeracy Ambassador

How can the National Numeracy Challenge help me?

From bagging a bargain to helping your kids, we all need to use numbers in everyday life. If you don;t feel very confident we can help. Don't take our word for it, hear what our users have to say...

"It helped me gain more confidence while helping my child for their school homework."

"I hated maths at school. However, I now have the knowledge of how to break things down, the patience to look for the answer and the confidence that a little tenacity will help me get to the correct answer. I no longer hate maths."

Partners and supporters

With our Founding Supporter TP ICAP and our Lead Supporters Barclays LifeSkills, Capital One, Experian, the Lord Mayor's Appeal and Vanquis Banking Group, we're bringing you Number Confidence Week for a fourth year.

By supporting Number Confidence Week, our partners and supporters recognise the importance of improving number confidence in the UK for stronger job prospects, better money management, and greater confidence when helping children with their school work.

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Be sure to tag us in any social media activity, and use #NumberConfidenceWeek, so we can see and share what you're up to!

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