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Supporting schools

We work with schools and colleges across the UK to improve numeracy levels and attitudes towards maths.

Parental engagement

We believe that every child should develop the numeracy they will need for a bright future.

Confidence and attitudes to numbers and maths develop from a young age. They have a crucial impact on attainment during a child’s schooling and then in later life.

Parents' attitudes when it comes to maths have a huge impact on their children. By working with schools we have seen fantastic results with participating families. 

How to encourage parental engagement

Some tips and advice for schools to engage children's parents in their maths educations Including advice on developing Parent Champions for your school. 


Parental engagement audit tool

Embedding parental engagement into your school’s teaching and learning strategy and your development plan makes all the difference.

Use our tools to plan your approach. 


Schools & Families Programme

National Numeracy works with primary schools to support families, so that pupils feel more positive about maths, and have greater awareness of the value of numeracy outside the classroom.

We also work with schools to increase parents’, carers’ and school staff’s own confidence with numbers.


Volunteer-supported assemblies and lessons

Get children thinking about the maths in the real world with our Numeracy Volunteers programme!

Our corporate volunteers will come into school to share their experiences through our ‘My Maths Story’ assembly and/or our ‘Maths in the Real World’ interactive class lesson. It's a great way of raising the profile of maths in your school and helping children see its value, and why they learn it.

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Volunteer leading an assembly

Family Maths Toolkit

The Family Maths Toolkit is a suite of downloadable resources that you can sign up to for free.

There are over 200 activities for ages 3-13 and they are suitable for parents and schools to use with children. They focus on building confidence with numbers together. 

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However you feel about maths, you’re not alone.

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website you can use to improve your confidence with numbers.

Feel about maths
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A smartphone game for young adults to practise maths problems in everyday settings.

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Essentials of Numeracy for All

Capitalise on the opportunity to develop numeracy outside of maths lessons - numeracy across learning.

Maths Week England

Maths Week England takes place in November. Find out more and get involved.

Visit Maths Week England