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National Numeracy Day takes place on 19 May 2021.
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KPMG and National Numeracy started National Numeracy Day together in 2018 and through this partnership it's grown bigger every year.  

Our amazing supporters are what make National Numeracy Day possible. 

Our supporters 

Last year - despite the pandemic - thousands of you took steps to improve your confidence and competence with numbers with us. Here are a few highlights from National Numeracy Day 2020. 

Get ready for National Numeracy Day 2021

Festival 2020 highlights

Rachel Riley - How to improve your maths skills at home.

Ben Perkins - Developing confidence with numbers

Everyday maths - How do we use numbers in everyday life?

Lauren Child Story Time - Charlie and Lola, One thing

Bobby Seagull and Luisa Omielan - Talk Maths, Money and Empowerment

Susan Okereke - A Teacher's Thoughts on Maths

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