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Welcome to National Numeracy Day
18 May 2022

Watch Harry Baker's intro to the day, then when you're ready to go we've got everything you need to feel good about numbers...

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Watch a Big Number Natter

Choose an option below and head over to social media to watch some of our amazing #BigNumberNatters

Tom Rocks talks to Harry Baker

See Tom's series of videos on Twitter talking about turning 10,000 days old and how maths infiltrates every part of our lives. 

tom rocks

Lottie and Peter talk about numbers and baking

Join these two star bakers for a Number Natter on Instagram.

lottie and Peter

Susan Okereke busts a maths myth

Teacher and co-host of the Maths Appeal podcast give her advice to people who think you have to be right to be good at maths. 


Emmanuel Asuquo gives some tips for number anxiety

Three tips to deal with money/number anxiety and build confidence with numbers. 


Our line-up for the Day

We started the day by setting a world record, with our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® online number roll.

Then the Big Number Natter took centre stage across social media. There was be more baking from Peter Sawkins has he was joined by fellow baker Lottie Bedlow, Harry Baker and Tom Rocks focused on the role of number confidence in our lives, there was a word from Rachel Riley and Chancellor Rishi Sunak. 

Not to mention some fantastic live events in the evening on Instagram

#BigNumberNatter #NationalNumeracyDay

Download the line-up poster 

line up

Through National Numeracy Day 190,000 people
have taken steps to improve their numeracy. Join them by checking your numeracy now!

Join The Big Number Natter

Join the first ever nationwide conversation about numbers. Whether you love it or loathe it, everyone has something to say about maths!

For National Numeracy Day on 18 May 2022 we want everyone to have a natter about numbers, to make the subject a little less scary and as a first step towards improving numeracy.

Graphic showing cartoon people and text saying "Join in the conversation" with the Big Number Natter logo

Number Heroes Competition

Create a picture of you doing your dream job or hobby and tell us how it uses numbers. Let your imagination run wild and win a fantastic prize for yourself and a prize bundle for your nursery, school or youth group. Find out more

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Get started in 10 mins

For National Numeracy Day we're inviting everyone to build their confidence with numbers. The National Numeracy Challenge lets you learn at your own pace. Start with a 10min check of your skills. 


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Sign up to be a National Numeracy Day Champion and help your school, organisation or community get number confident! In the build up to 18 May 2022 you will receive free, fun materials and resources to use and share and join over 2,810 others Champions helping the nation get on with numbers.

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KPMG and National Numeracy started National Numeracy Day together in 2018 and through this partnership it's grown bigger every year.  

Our amazing supporters are what make National Numeracy Day possible. 

Minister for Employment, Mims Davies MP said: “I’m thrilled to be supporting National Numeracy Day as the campaign celebrates its fifth year, empowering people to take steps to improve their skills and boost their confidence."


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