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Amazon & AWS

Since 2019, Amazon and AWS  have enabled access to our digital provision – including the National Numeracy Challenge – and close alignment to our numeracy for work theme. Additional partnership areas include tackling the nation’s numeracy at scale as a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, exciting communications and thought leadership through the National Numeracy Day campaign, and Amazon’s Maths4All primary-school aged maths resources. Amazon is a global technology services and e-commerce retailer. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and its UK workforce includes retail, technology, business services and logistics teams across 12 locations. AWS is a cloud computing services provider offering data services, hosting and infrastructure for thousands of organisations around the world.

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Barclays LifeSkills

Since 2022, Barclays LifeSkills and National Numeracy have worked together in partnership, combining expertise to support people in developing their number confidence and skills, both early on and throughout their lives. Barclays LifeSkills are a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day and Number Confidence Week and offer crucial perspective and insight as a member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council. Barclays LifeSkills is created with Barclays bank, the retail banking, corporate and investment banking provider. Its UK workforce includes finance and business experts, with offices across the UK.

“Numeracy is critical in preparing people for work. With low numeracy confidence and maths anxiety disproportionately impacting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the need for support is more urgent than ever. Barclays LifeSkills is thrilled to be supporting National Numeracy and working with the charity to help people build vital confidence with numbers earlier on in life.” Kate McGoey, Head of Barclays LifeSkills

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Bloomberg L.P.

Since 2019, Bloomberg has enabled National Numeracy’s educational reach and impact within target communities as a Lead Supporter of the National Numeracy Day campaign, as a founding member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council and through broader events support. Bloomberg L.P. is a financial, software, data, and media company. Its UK workforce includes technology, media, information and business services, with a London office.

"At Bloomberg, we are committed to giving back to the cities in which we live and work, drawing on the time and talents of our employees. We believe that more inclusive access to data and technology can deliver powerful results for society, which is why we're proud to support National Numeracy to help communities build confidence in numbers and unlock opportunity."

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Capital One

Capital One and National Numeracy partnered in March 2022, with a shared commitment to addressing social mobility and supporting people with the number confidence to succeed in life. They are the start-up funder for National Numeracy’s Corporate Volunteering Programme, funding partner for the charity’s latest numeracy and social mobility research and a member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council. Capital One are also a Lead Supporter for our National Numeracy Day and Number Confidence Week campaigns. Capital One UK is a top ten credit card company with a commitment to community investment. Its UK workforce includes financial services, engineering and business services sectors, with offices in Nottingham and London.

“We are really proud to be committing to a multi-year partnership with National Numeracy. We recognise how confidence with numbers can have a profound impact for people in their everyday life and when managing finances. We're looking forward to continuing to help drive impact through the many ways we'll be working together in this next phase of our partnership.” Dave Richards, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Capital One

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In 2018, Experian and National Numeracy joined forces through the United for Financial Health programme, working together to empower communities with number confidence and financial education. Combining knowledge, expertise and datasets, our organisations have successfully built the UK Numeracy Index, a vulnerability mapping tool which highlights and ranks areas of the UK by numeracy need. Experian are a founding member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council and Lead Supporter of both National Numeracy Day and Number Confidence Week. Experian is a data analytics and credit reporting company, with a mission to drive financial inclusion and facilitate access to fair and affordable credit.

“Experian is tremendously proud to have partnered with National Numeracy since 2018. The decision to partner was a natural fit with Experian’s mission to promote financial health, considering the established link between good numeracy and financial wellbeing. We are really excited to have worked with National Numeracy to create the first national view of UK numeracy vulnerability. This exciting project will help National Numeracy and many other organisations target numeracy support and interventions where it is needed the most. I can speak on behalf of everyone involved with National Numeracy at Experian that it is an absolute pleasure to work with Sam and his team, who are so passionate, hardworking and truly making a difference.” Mark Lindsay, Director – Marketing Services, Experian

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As a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day and member of our Corporate Volunteering programme, Kartesia are supporting children and adults across the UK to understand and work with numbers in day-to-day life. Our partnership is based on a shared belief everyone deserves to fulfill their potential, whether that’s at work, home or at school – together we’re sparking better opportunities and brighter futures. Kartesia is a privately owned European asset manager specialised in private corporate lending.

“Kartesia Philanthropy is proud to back National Numeracy as we share the same determination to improve numeracy confidence in children and young adults. As the UK economic environment continues to evolve, there is a growing recognition of the importance of numeracy to help deal with uncertainty and change. In this vein, Kartesia team members are deeply fulfilled to be participating in the volunteering programmes at schools. Together with National Numeracy, we hope to foster a more positive community mindset towards numeracy skills, tackle social mobility and ultimately provide better work and learning outcomes for all.” Charles-Henri Clappier – Partner and Head of Kartesia Philanthropy

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Since 2017, KPMG has been an essential strategic partner of National Numeracy, dedicated to social mobility, lifelong learning and improving numeracy. KPMG are Founding Supporter of the award-winning National Numeracy Day campaign, a research partner and a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council. KPMG are a leading professional services firm. Its UK workforce includes consulting, deal advisory, tax, law, technology and engineering, with offices across the UK.

“Working with National Numeracy means working with a creative, engaged and ambitious team who are determined to move the dial on the UK’s attitude to numeracy. We are so pleased by what we’ve achieved together and look forward to continuing our journey.” Roisin Murphy & Roisin Sharkey, Directors Co-Head of Corporate Responsibility, KPMG UK

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The Lord Mayor's Appeal

In 2022 National Numeracy was chosen as a charity partner of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Joining together for an initiative called ‘Every Londoner Counts’, the new partnership will help Londoners gain the crucial number confidence and skills that will help them thrive, as part of efforts by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal to make London ‘A Better City for All’. Every Londoner Counts will aim to improve employability and financial inclusion by supporting thousands of Londoners in greatest need through a network of 500 newly trained Numeracy Champions.

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Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman has been a Strategic Pro Bono Partner since 2021. It has played an instrumental role in helping to scale-up National Numeracy’s impact and effectiveness. By providing strategic insight and industry expertise, Oliver Wyman has supported the charity to build local partnerships in communities across the UK. With offices in more than 70 cities across 30 countries, Oliver Wyman combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organization transformation.

“National Numeracy delivers incredible impact upskilling adults struggling with their numeracy, and building their confidence in an area that is fundamental to their day-to-day life. It has been brilliant to be involved in this project, and to have supported the charity to develop its reach at a critical time.” Lisa Quest, Partner & Co-Head of the Public Sector and Policy Practice, Europe at Oliver Wyman

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S&P Global

As a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day and member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, S&P Global helps disadvantaged communities to build the numeracy skills needed to improve lives and livelihoods. S&P Global is a ratings, analytics and data provider to the capital and commodity markets. Its UK workforce includes sales, financial services, data, engineering and business services, with offices in London.

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Since 2018, TP ICAP has been a vital strategic partner of National Numeracy, aligned to our commitment to tackle social mobility and helping millions of people transform their lives. TP ICAP are Founding Supporter of the Number Confidence Week campaign, a research partner, a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day, a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, and a committed partner through the TP ICAP for Good programme. TP ICAP is the world’s largest global wholesale market broker, with data, analytics and market intelligence services. Its UK workforce includes market, financial and data experts, with offices in London.

“Numeracy matters – for individuals, for families, and for society overall. That’s why TP ICAP is proud to have supported National Numeracy since 2018. Engaging people to improve their numeracy skills and build their confidence with numbers is a critical part of fostering social mobility.” Richard Newman, Group Head of Marketing and Communications, TP ICAP

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Ufi VocTech Trust

As of 2020, National Numeracy and Ufi VocTech Trust are launching a project seeking to make numeracy skills-building more accessible to those who lack time, computer access and confidence. The two-year Mobiles, Skills & Confidence with Numbers project will ensure a great mobile experience for the National Numeracy Challenge, enabling more working adults to improve their skills on the move. It will also support adults with maths anxiety and those with lower maths skills. The project hopes to improve the skills and/or confidence of 20,000 adults, enabling them to ‘get on with numbers’ and thereby get on at work.

“Our work with National Numeracy has been hugely rewarding over the last ten years. They are a shining example of how a charity can use innovative digital technology to support adults in the workplace and raise awareness of numeracy across the UK.” Louise Rowland, Deputy CEO, Ufi VocTech Trust

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Vanquis Banking Group

Since 2018, Vanquis Banking Group has been an important strategic partner of National Numeracy, passionately helping to build numeracy skills and opportunities for communities in need across the UK. They are a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day, a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, and have a special focus on numeracy for managing money alongside supporting children’s numeracy. Vanquis Banking Group is a leading specialist bank focused on underserved markets. Its UK workforce is based in Bradford.

“Addressing poor numeracy is a cause that is both extremely relevant and aligned to Vanquis Banking Group’s Purpose of helping to put people on a path to a better everyday life. We share National Numeracy’s belief that every child can develop the numeracy skills they'll need, both at school and throughout their lives, boosting their education, skills, and aspirations. We believe that by helping people feel more confident about everyday maths, we can help them to participate more in society and secure a brighter financial future.Cathy Prior, Social Impact Programme Manager, Vanquis Banking Group

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