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Strategic Partners


Since 2019, Amazon and National Numeracy have enabled access to our digital provision – including the National Numeracy Challenge – and close alignment to our numeracy for work theme. Additional partnership areas include tackling the nation’s numeracy at scale as a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, exciting communications and thought leadership through the National Numeracy Day campaign, and Amazon’s Maths4All primary-school aged maths resources. Amazon is a global technology services and e-commerce retailer. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and its UK workforce includes retail, technology, business services and logistics teams across 12 locations.

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Capital One

Capital One became a Strategic Partner of National Numeracy in March 2022. Aligned to our core mission of addressing social mobility, it will be a Lead Supporter for our National Numeracy Day and Number Confidence Week campaigns, engage staff with numeracy-building support, help launch our new corporate volunteering programme, and partner on our research focus of the link between numeracy and social mobility. We will also collaborate on educational resources for Capital One’s community. Capital One UK is a top ten credit card company. Its UK workforce includes financial services, engineering and business services sectors, with offices in Nottingham and London.

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Since 2017, KPMG has been an essential strategic partner of National Numeracy, dedicated to social mobility, lifelong learning and improving numeracy. KPMG are Founding Supporter of the award-winning National Numeracy Day campaign, a research partner and a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council. KPMG are a leading professional services firm. Its UK workforce includes consulting, deal advisory, tax, law, technology and engineering, with offices across the UK.

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Since 2018, PFG has been an important strategic partner of National Numeracy, passionately helping to build numeracy skills and opportunities for communities in need across the UK. PFG are a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day, a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, and have a special focus on numeracy for managing money alongside supporting children’s numeracy. PFG is a leading specialist bank focused on underserved markets. Its UK workforce is based in Bradford.

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Since 2018, TP ICAP has been a vital strategic partner of National Numeracy, aligned to our commitment to tackle social mobility and helping millions of people transform their lives. TP ICAP are Founding Supporter of the Number Confidence Week campaign, a research partner, a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day, a Founding Member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, and a committed partner through the TP ICAP for Good programme. TP ICAP is the world’s largest global wholesale market broker, with data, analytics and market intelligence services. Its UK workforce includes market, financial and data experts, with offices in London.

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Project Partners

Barclays LifeSkills

Barclays LifeSkills is a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day 2022 and is dedicated to supporting people to build vital confidence with numbers, both earlier on and throughout life. Barclays LifeSkills is created with Barclays bank, the retail banking, corporate and investment banking provider. Its UK workforce includes finance and business experts, with offices across the UK.

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Bloomberg L.P.

Since 2019, Bloomberg has been a Lead Supporter of the National Numeracy Day campaign, helping enable our reach and impact within target communities. In 2021, Bloomberg joined the National Numeracy Leadership Council as a Founding Member. Bloomberg L.P. is a financial, software, data, and media company. Its UK workforce includes technology, media, information and business services, with a London office.

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City & Guilds

City & Guilds is a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day 2022. It is committed to supporting people of all ages to learn vital numeracy skills and access fulfilling careers. City & Guilds is a leading qualifications awarder and vocational education provider. Its UK workforce includes education experts and business services, with offices in London, Cardiff and Belfast.

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Education Scotland

From 2021, National Numeracy is working in partnership with the STEM Scotland network, on a new project funded by Education Scotland’s STEM Grants programme. The project centres around delivering our ‘Becoming a Numeracy Champion: Children, families and feeling good about maths’ programme, and aims to reach Community Learning Development practitioners and STEM ambassadors. The project’s main aim is to improve confidence in supporting families with numeracy upskilling amongst CLD practitioners and STEM ambassadors, and both groups will be equipped by the training to support families who access community-based learning opportunities.

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National Numeracy is an Experian United for Financial Health programme partner, using financial education and wellbeing through numeracy to empower those marginalised by COVID-19. Our innovative activities within this programme include creating confidence and skills-building resources, research, campaigns and coalition-building to improve numeracy in the UK.

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Garfield Weston Foundation

In 2019 National Numeracy made a successful bid to secure Garfield Weston funding which will contribute to expanding our parental engagement project. This will include work aimed at enabling parents to provide more support to their primary-aged children by building confidence in their own numeracy. Over the years the organisation has generously supported our core, attitudes and influencing work as well as supporting the National Numeracy Challenge project.

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Since 2019, HSBC UK has been a Lead Supporter of the National Numeracy Day campaign, helping communities improve their numeracy skills and confidence, thus unlocking opportunities. HSBC UK is a banking and financial services company. It is owned by HSBC, one of the largest financial services organisations globally. Its UK workforce includes retail, commercial and private banking services, technology, and business services, with offices in London and Birmingham.

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National Numeracy and Santander UK have partnered since 2019, focused on supporting communities with the greatest need to improve their numeracy, with a particular emphasis on addressing financial inclusion in the UK. This has included our 'Numeracy for Managing Money' provision; exciting geo-targeted activity to reach specific high-need beneficiaries; and the Checktember, National Numeracy Day and Number Confidence Week campaigns. Santander UK is a leading personal finance services and banking company. It has branches and offices across the UK.

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S&P Global

As a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day and member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, S&P Global helps disadvantaged communities to build the numeracy skills needed to improve lives and livelihoods. S&P Global is a ratings, analytics and data provider to the capital and commodity markets. Its UK workforce includes sales, financial services, data, engineering and business services, with offices in London.

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The Lord Mayor's Appeal

In 2022 National Numeracy was chosen as a charity partner of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Joining together for an initiative called ‘Every Londoner Counts’, the new partnership will help Londoners gain the crucial number confidence and skills that will help them thrive, as part of efforts by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal to make London ‘A Better City for All’. Every Londoner Counts will aim to improve employability and financial inclusion by supporting thousands of Londoners in greatest need through a network of 500 newly trained Numeracy Champions.

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Ufi VocTech Trust

As of 2020, National Numeracy and Ufi VocTech Trust are launching a project seeking to make numeracy skills-building more accessible to those who lack time, computer access and confidence. The two-year Mobiles, Skills & Confidence with Numbers project will ensure a great mobile experience for the National Numeracy Challenge, enabling more working adults to improve their skills on the move. It will also support adults with maths anxiety and those with lower maths skills. The project hopes to improve the skills and/or confidence of 20,000 adults, enabling them to ‘get on with numbers’ and thereby get on at work.

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