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Supporting parents and families

Use our advice, ideas and materials to help your children to feel good about numbers.

We all use maths every day, often without realising it. Helping your child feel confident about maths now gives them a head start.  Use the advice and resources on this page to help you support your children at home. 

The effect of parental involvement at home was stronger than that of either socio-economic status or parents' level of education

The impact of parental involvement, parental support and family education on pupil achievement and adjustment (Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003)


Get the Family Maths Toolkit

Download hundreds of activities designed with our signature approach in mind... doing maths together! 



Current Teaching Methods & Helping With Homework

Changes in teaching methods from when we were at school can be one of the scariest things about trying to help our children with their learning. Here is some advice on helping with the school work. 


Talking about maths with children

Our first impressions of maths and numbers were influenced by the grown-ups around us. We can make sure our children have a positive introduction to numbers even if we didn't. 

parent and children

Activities for children 

Need some ideas to get you started with learning maths at home? See our activity pages for children up to 13. 

Get inspired to start learning about maths and numbers together, wherever you are. You can also see our recommendations for other resources and products to buy. 

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