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Research and Impact

National Numeracy has its roots in research. The 2011 Skills for Life survey made a compelling case to form a charity dedicated to improving numeracy, and since then we have sought to base everything we do on evidence. 

We are always gathering new information on how numeracy impacts us individually as well as on a societal level, and seeking the most effective ways to help everyone build their confidence with numbers. We also hold ourselves to a high level of rigour, assessing and reporting on the impact of our work.  

Latest research

Number Confidence and Social Mobility

Our latest report explores how improving numeracy could play a central role in improving social mobility and offers a set of recommendations for the nation as a result of the research.

We examined the connection between improving numeracy and opportunities in work and the role number confidence plays in supporting adults with low numeracy to get on a path to a Level 2 maths qualification (equivalent to GCSE maths grade C/4).

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the cover of the Number Confidence and Social Mobility report - a woman using a calculator

Research briefings

The UK Numeracy Index

Using data from thousands of learners, and working with data company Experian, we have built the the first ever model to predict and rank areas of the UK by numeracy skills and confidence.

This reveals new and valuable insights to inform how our organisation, government and others address the problem of low numeracy in the UK. 


A decade of National Numeracy's impact, 2012-2022

In 2022 we celebrated 10 years of National Numeracy, the UK's only charity dedicated to everyday maths

Over the past decade, National Numeracy has supported hundreds of thousands of people across the country to improve their number confidence and skills. 

Discover a suite of materials detailing the impact of a decade of work to improve the numeracy of individuals, communities and the nation.

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the cover of the National Numeracy report called A decade of impact, 2012-2022

Annual impact reports

Our Impact 2023

Our 2023 impact report reveals the positive change that National Numeracy's work brought about in 2023. 


Our Impact 2022

Our new Impact In Focus report reveals the positive change that National Numeracy's work brought about in 2022. In these challenging times, we saw more people than ever before access our tools, services, campaigns and resources.


Our Impact 2021

Our 2021 Impact Report details the first year of our new strategic plan in action, as we aim to drive social mobility through a clear focus on supporting people in greatest need with low number confidence and numeracy skills. 


Impact from our campaigns

Number Confidence Week 2023

The fourth Number Confidence Week reached more people than ever, with the campaign having now inspired more than a quarter of a million actions to improve confidence with numbers across the UK, since it began in 2020.

Report cover

National Numeracy Day 2023

The sixth National Numeracy Day, on 17 May 2023, achieved an transformative level of impact across the UK, outlined in a new report. 

Report cover

Number Confidence Week 2022

More actions than ever before were taken by people wanting to improve their number confidence during our third annual Number Confidence Week campaign in November.

Report cover

National Numeracy Day 2022

The impact report for the fifth National Numeracy Day, on 18 May 2022, reveals how the campaign achieved a genuinely transformative level of impact across the UK.

impact report

Number Confidence Week 2021

In just the second year of this ground-breaking campaign, the number of actions people took towards feeling more comfortable and confident with everyday maths was almost double that of 2020's inaugural campaign.

impact report

National Numeracy Day 2021

The impact report for the fourth National Numeracy Day, on 19 May 2021, details how this year's campaign took full flight, engaging the nation on a whole new level.

impact report

Number Confidence Week 2020

On 2 November 2020, together with Founding Partner TP ICAP and Lead Partners Experian, KPMG and Santander, we launched a brand-new campaign, Number Confidence Week, to help people feel better about getting on with numbers.


National Numeracy Day 2020

On 13 May 2020, despite the challenging and rapidly evolving environment of the Covid-19 pandemic, National Numeracy delivered a record-breaking National Numeracy Day that engaged more people than ever before, this time in the form of a virtual festival. 

impact report

Key research

Research within your organisation

We have worked successfully with dozens of organisations using our digital tools to understand numeracy skills and confidence within cohorts, whether in education or at a workplace. 

Find out how we can gather insight within your organisation.