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Free Family Maths Toolkit

The Family Maths Toolkit resources help families enjoy maths together. 

These short, fun maths activities can be used by schools or families. They help schools engage parents and carers with children’s maths learning – and they help parents and carers boost their children’s confidence with numbers

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All of the Family Maths activities support the national curriculum in England and the curriculum for excellence in Scotland. The resources have a strong focus on problem solving and reasoning. They are designed to encourage discussion between children and their parents or carers. They also link to cultural events and things around the home, helping children to see how maths connects to real life. 

Families don’t need any special maths knowledge or equipment to enjoy the Family Maths activities. Children can draw pictures, write calculations, take photos or create diagrams in their answers. Creativity is encouraged! 

What's inside the Family Maths Toolkit?

In the Family Maths resource set, you will find: 

  • Over 200 ‘everyday maths’ activities for children and their families to do together. 
  • Full year group packs, with one activity per week in term time, for reception through to year 6 (P1-7 / age 4-11). 
  • A set of mindset-focused activities for each key stage EYFS to Key Stage 4 (covering ages 4-16). 
  • Information sheets for parents and carers about boosting their own confidence with numbers and supporting children to develop positive attitudes towards maths. 
Over 200 free activities in the family maths toolkit


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The activities are popular with both families and teachers. In a project where Family Maths resources were used:

Family Maths Toolkit usage percentage graphic among children

91% of children said that they liked the Family Maths activities.

Family Maths Toolkit usage percentage graphic among teachers

100% of teachers said they would recommend the Family Maths activities to another school. 

Teachers who have used the Family Maths resources say: 

“Pupils enjoy and are excited about the type of activities given and are enthused by the interest of their parent.” 
“The activities are a great way to put maths into a context.” 
“Very easy to use and instantly creates a dialogue between staff and parents.” 

Parents say: 

“By using the maths activities I have helped to grow my son’s confidence surrounding numbers.” 
“It's a nice way to see maths through a real world lens rather than a bunch of numbers on a bit of paper.” 

Children say they like the activities because: 

“They are a lot more fun than just normal maths.” 
“It’s things I learn at school and I can show my mum and dad how to do it.” 
“They’re really fun and help you understand the topic you’re doing in class.” 
“I love to spend time with my mum and dad.” 

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