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National Numeracy Day FAQs

Does it cost anything to take part in National Numeracy Day?

No! We want as many people as possible to take part in the day and enjoy the fun, free resources and activities on offer.

Do I have to fundraise for National Numeracy in order to take part in National Numeracy Day?

No! There is no fundraising requirement.

Is National Numeracy Day just for schools and children?

No! Anyone can take part, whether they are part of a school, business or organisation. Individual adults can take part by using our resources and also sharing their number experiences on social media as part of the Big Number Natter.

Do you have any National Numeracy Day branded resources available to help celebrate the day?

Yes! If you sign up to National Numeracy Day, you will be sent a toolkit containing downloadable resources such as posters and bunting.

Will the National Numeracy Day resources only be available on the day?  

No, the resources and activities will be available via our website all year.

For any questions not answered here, please email [email protected]