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Free resources to build your number confidence

Get stuck in to the free resources on this page for adults and children. 

Or start learning now with the National Numeracy Challenge. It's a free learning programme to boost your confidence and skills.

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Helping you feel calm when faced with numbers

We know there is a link between maths and mental wellness. So we have designed these activities to help you feel calm and confident to face the numbers in your life.

  • Habit trackers help you take a small positive action every day
  • Dr Linda Papadopoulos helps you to feel more confident
  • Five tips for overcoming maths anxiety
  • Chuck it in the Bucket helps you recognise and relieve stress

Chuck It in the Bucket! 

This tool can help you understand what you can do to feel more confident and in control when it comes to numbers.

Chuck It in the Bucket! thumbnail

5-day habit tracker

Use our handy tips and prompts to help boost your confidence this Number Confidence Week.

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30-day habit tracker

Use this tracker to build your confidence with numbers throughout November.

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Boost your confidence with Dr Linda

Dr Linda Papadopoulos shares her tips for feeling more confident with numbers and maths.

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5 tips for overcoming maths anxiety

Maths anxiety is common and can paralyse us when we need to use numbers. Here are our top tips to overcome maths anxiety.

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Real life stories

The stories of our learners and those who have overcome their anxieties are an inspiration. 

In this video Sally and Tamsin from National Numeracy discuss one of the moving stories they've encountered.

Other learners have struggled their whole lives with numbers, like apprentice Rebecca , or like Stella, who has dyscalculia. But their stories prove all of us can improve and learn to use the numbers in our lives. Read these real-life stories and many more in our numeracy stories section.

Confidence with Money 

Our ambassador and financial expert Iona Bain talks about the first steps you can take towards getting financially confident. 

In the section below you can find more expert tips and advice from Iona and from one of our other ambassadors Mr MoneyJar, to help you get confident with numbers for money management. 

Mr MoneyJar's top tips 

Timi Merriman-Johnson, aka Mr MoneyJar, gives his top tips for financial wellbeing.

Image of Timi with quote saying "Maths is for everyone!"

Understanding your payslip with Iona Bain

All employees and workers are entitled to a payslip from their first payday, but working out what they mean can be tricky. Iona Bain explains how to decipher them.

Understanding your payslip thumbnail

Put it in the piggy

This isn't about saving your pennies in a pig shaped pot! It’s about understanding what’s holding you back when it comes to getting a grip on your finances.

Put it in the piggy activity

5 ways confidence with numbers can help your money go further 

Here are some practical tips, with some extra advice around behaviour, so you can make the most of them.

5 ways

Supporting Children

The need to support our children's learning can motivate us to build our confidence with numbers. And helping our children have a positive relationship with numbers is so valuable.

These activities are designed for adults and children to do together. They're adaptable, creative and fun! 

Get tips to help your children

Check out more videos

Here are just three of the videos we've lovingly crafted for Number Confidence Week. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to building number confidence check it out to see what's going on this November. 

If you do one thing, do this...

The National Numeracy Challenge is an online learning tool that over half a million adults have already used! 

It's a free, confidential, online way to improve your numeracy. It starts with a quick check of your skills, which makes a learning area just for you so you can learn the skills you need. 

Why not give it a go? 

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