Challenge Champions

Challenge Champions

Challenge Champions

Anyone can become a Challenge Champion if they care about the issue of low numeracy in the UK and want to help others to improve their numeracy.

Challenge Champions are based within workplaces and other settings to support colleagues and friends in improving their numeracy with the Challenge Online.

The Challenge Online is designed to be used by adults (16+) without support, but we understand that some people will need help to get the best out of the tool. We have developed this volunteering programme to fill this gap.

Challenge Champions are not expected to be maths experts, or to be able teach maths. In fact if Champions have found maths hard at some point, they then understand how it feels for others who are trying to learn.

Some of the ways in which Challenge Champions can get involved:

  • Help others to see maths as a valuable part of everyday life
  • Get people to use the Challenge Online
  • Support people who are already using the Challenge Online
  • Use our Facebook page to help us to build a learning community
  • Use Twitter to encourage people to take the Challenge
  • Challenge the view that maths ability can’t be changed or that it’s alright to be bad at maths
  • Promote the Challenge in meetings, newsletters or blogs
  • Encourage organisations to become Challenge partners
  • Display posters or distribute leaflets
  • Run a workshop to introduce people to the Challenge

In order to become a Challenge Champion, an individual must work through our interactive workbook, which takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

We also work with specific organisations, such as Unionlearn and Workplace Learning Advocates, to produce branded, contextualised versions of the workbook for their members.

For more information about the Challenge Champion programme, please email us at today.