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Foundations iPad app: support

Foundations is one of a number of resources developed by National Numeracy to support adults in assessing and developing their numeracy skills. 

Foundations is a free download, with no shared data with any of our other products or services. No registration is required, and no personal data will be collected from users of the app.

  • We will receive aggregated and anonymised data from Apple about the total number of downloads in each territory. However, none of this information can be used by us to identify individual users or devices. 
  • National Numeracy will not collect any data about the people or devices that download the Foundations app.

National Numeracy is committed to protecting your privacy so please do get in contact if you have any questions about Foundations and the information above. Contact us via [email protected]

National Numeracy is the only UK charity with a specific focus on numeracy. Our mission is to enable everyone in the UK to be numerate, and by this we mean having the confidence and competence to use numbers and data to make good decisions in everyday life. We do this by:   

  • challenging negative attitudes   
  • influencing public policy  
  • promoting effective approaches to improving attainment.   

We hope you will find Foundations helpful and fun – please send any feedback to [email protected]

Download the Foundations User Guide

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