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Health Education England: Kent, Surrey, Sussex (HEEKSS)

National Numeracy is working with trusts in Kent, Surrey & Sussex to deliver numeracy reviews. This gives the trust a detailed insight into the numeracy levels in their workforce.

We will work with up to 21 trusts across the region in the coming months. Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals have been the first to engage and we are already begun a close partnership with their team.

The aims of our work are:

  • To analyse and understand attitudes and behaviours around numeracy among healthcare staff
  • To discover the numeracy level and areas of strength and weakness in each trusts workforce
  • Be able to recommend ways to improve numeracy and strategies for change across the trusts

What does it involve?

Our Numeracy Reviews involve:

  • A survey of staff’s attitudes towards numeracy
  • An assessment of staff numeracy levels using the Challenge Check-Up
  • Focus groups and workshops exploring staff attitudes towards numeracy
  • Reporting the data against the Essentials of Numeracy
  • Recommending solutions to the numeracy problems identified

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

As a part of this project Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals has been one of our most active partners. The initiative here includes their numeracy review and a follow up campaign. We are working with them to:

  • Support numeracy in the recruitment process – including using our bespoke Quick Check
  • Embed numeracy as a mandated module across apprenticeships
  • Hold attitudinal workshops to make key staff Challenge Champions
  • Identify learning and development programmes which numeracy can be built in to