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Communications Toolkit

For Local Authorities 
and Partner Organisations


The resources on this page are for the exclusive use of our local authorities and other partners.   

This toolkit provides a set of resources that can be used to support staff, residents and service users to build numeracy confidence and skills.   

The resources will be updated throughout the year. Please contact the Comms Team if you have any queries: [email protected]

First things first!

To get the most out of your toolkit please read the Campaign & Communications Guide first. It will make it clear how to use all the great assets and content on this page so you can get everyone building their confidence with numbers.

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Your Big Number Natter resources

Everything you need to plan your Big Number Natter: 

Plan your session

Get started planning your Big Number Natter sessions with these notes for organisers. Then get stuck in to all the other resources.


Big Number Natter posters

Use these editable posters to promote your sessions.


Your Number Natter Slides

Hold a 15-30 minute session using these slides, provided with presenter notes.


Quick Number Natter talking points

Use these ideas to spark a less formal conversation about numbers.


Ideas for Number Nattering on social media

Use these ideas to encourage everyone to follow up on your session with some social media ideas for individual Number Natters.


Tips for talking about numbers

Training Officer Ishraq Li-Rahman held a Number Natter with National Numeracy's own staff, and here shares his learnings and advice for holding your own.


Materials, additional guides and key dates

Graphics: Announce your support

You'll be able to use these with the example text in your guide to announce your support of National Numeracy Day on your channels at any time. There are graphics for social media channels, as well as a screensaver and email banner.

Instagram graphic saying "Proud to support National Numeracy Day 22 May 2024"

Graphics: Promoting the National Numeracy Day website

The National Numeracy Day website is the go-to destination for individuals, jam-packed with all the free resources and inspiration needed to get the nation feeling good about numbers. It has helpful and practical resources to download, videos to watch, as well as details of live events and further support.

Please promote the National Numeracy Day website to your staff, networks and communities, using your campaign webpage trackable link, and the graphics below.

Promo graphic

Graphics: The Big Number Natter

The Big Number Natter is the only nationwide conversation about numbers. It's an opportunity to have a chat about numbers and change lives for the better.

Help get everyone nattering by promoting the Big Number Natter to your staff, network and communities, using the graphics below and use the example text in your guide.

Promo graphic

Graphics: Get others to take the National Numeracy Challenge

Download these graphics and use the example text in your guide to get adults using the National Numeracy Challenge. Taking the Challenge is one of the BEST things you can do to improve your everyday maths and build confidence with numbers. Graphics are tailored for each of your social media channels. 

Challenge graphic

Graphics: Get others signed up for National Numeracy Day

Download these graphics, and use the example text in your guide and your trackable sign-up link, to spread the word and get schools, organisations and individuals signing up and joining in to build number confidence across the UK. There are graphics tailored for use on all of your social media channels.

sign-up graphic

Virtual call backgrounds

Download these backgrounds to use on your virtual calls, and raise awareness of the campaign.

Virtual backgrounds


Download these posters to spread awareness of the campaign and get everyone started on their number confidence journey.



Download and print this bunting to decorate your office spaces or community areas, and get in the National Numeracy Day spirit.


Key dates

Here are some important dates and information to help you plan your National Numeracy Day activity.


From April: Your online toolkit will be updated with resources for the campaign.

Mid-April: The Big Number Natter will be announced – amplify National Numeracy’s posts.

Throughout the month:

  • Plan your internal activity and external communications.
  • Promote your involvement.
  • Amplify National Numeracy's social media and encourage people to sign up using assets provided.


8 May: 2 weeks to go! Look out for our National Numeracy Day promotional video launching, and support and share across your channels.

15 May: 1 week to go! Promote your support for the day using the assets supplied, and amplify National Numeracy's social media activity.

22 May: National Numeracy Day! Get involved by posting about your support and events in your organisation, post your Big Number Natter videos, and amplify National Numeracy's messages.

Year-round comms assets

To get the most out of your year-round toolkit please read the Comms Guide first, so you can get everyone building their confidence. 

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The National Numeracy logo

 Our logo can only be used by our partners and only when communicating directly about our work together.  

The logo must only be placed on a white background, its colours and dimensions must not be altered. There should be clear white space around the logo.  No text, partner logos, or other page marks should be in this space. Don’t place the logo on a busy background that will affect legibility. Please don’t use any other colour or effect, other descriptors or taglines, rotate or distort, recreate, redraw or ‘box up’ the logo within a holding device.  

Please download and read the full logo guidance below before using our logo.  

Download full logo guidance

Download the logo RGB (eps)  

Download the logo CMYK (eps)  

Download the logo CMYK (png) 

National Numeracy logo

Social media graphics

By downloading the graphics below and using them alongside messaging in your Comms Guide, you can get the word out across all social media platforms.

There are graphics inviting people to become Numeracy Champions, as well as graphics to promote the National Numeracy Challenge – and each graphic has a space for you to add your own logo.

Download assets

And be sure to tag us so we can see and share what you're up to! You can find us on:

Preview of social media graphic saying "Improve your numeracy for free"

Helpful guides 

Overcoming maths anxiety

Many of us struggle with using numbers. Here are our top tips to help overcome maths anxiety.
Tips for overcoming maths anxiety preview image

Getting confident with maths at work

No matter what job we have, we use maths every day. Here are some things you can do at work to help make numbers less daunting.
Getting confident with maths at work preview

Top 4 tips to help children love maths

All families can make a difference to their children’s maths learning by following these top tips.
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