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How being able to help his kids with homework made Jason feel seven feet tall

29 Jul 2019

By Lizzie Green, Communications Intern

Jason, 46, is a Returns Operative in Castleford. He used the National Numeracy Challenge after it was suggested by his Union Learning Representative Sean, as he wanted to be able to help his kids with homework. Now he can’t stop learning!

How did you find maths before you took the National Numeracy Challenge?  

Daunting. I was always in the lowest group at school and left with nothing. I’ve got three kids, and I felt like a let-down because I was struggling to help them with what they were learning. If I went out for a meal I used to just get the cheapest thing on the menu so it’d be easier to work out. I’d hang back in social situations and stay quiet, thinking “if nobody sees me, nobody hears me, nobody can question me.” 

What made you face up to your feelings? Was it as daunting as you thought it would be?  

When you get older you realise numbers are important, and I couldn’t do what I needed with them. That’s why I wanted to improve my confidence.   

Being honest, it was easier than I thought it would be. Maths has always been something I shied away from, but I found that I was actually pretty good at it, come the end.  

How did you find doing the Numeracy Challenge?  

The further I got into it, the easier I found it, because you’re able to log in either at work or at home. If I got a quiet five minutes to myself I’d think “let’s log in, try and work something out that I struggle with at work”. My confidence has grown to a point where I can work things out in my head now. I don’t shy away from situations.  

Maths is my friend. We’ve had a pint in the pub and made up.

How do you feel about helping your children now?  

I feel more confident in being able to help my kids with whatever they bring home, rather than trying to dodge it. It’s still a challenge but it’s a lot easier than it was.   

Having the confidence to teach others how to do something, something that I’d have never been able to think about before is great.  I’m six feet tall but it makes me feel seven feet being able to help them out.    

Have there been any other benefits to improving your confidence with numbers?  

I’ve changed to a better role at work and I love my job now, because I’m working with numbers. I’ve always wanted to do English as well, so I’m doing an English course now too. When I go out for a meal I can actually get what I fancy, and treat myself a bit better! I’ve got that inner-confidence, I’m straight in there, my friends have even mentioned it.    

What would you say to other people who are struggling with numbers, about the Challenge?  

Do it. If I can do it anyone can do it. I did it for help with my kids, and it turned out to be a help for work as well.  

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