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A nudge in the right direction

27 Feb 2023

Take action on your finances and feel more in control. With support from Experian, we're able to offer exclusive access to the nudge app to all users of the National Numeracy Challenge.

We recommend it! It’s free to use and there are no ads or strings attached.

nudge app

We live in a world where information and advice on money can be overwhelming.

nudge coaches you to better understand and manage your finances. It simplifies the complex and will be with you every step, so you can take control of your money and future.

nudge tailors its content to you and helps you take action. Right from your first visit, there’s always a clear next step in your financial wellbeing journey. You can select the content you're interested in, and keep things simple if you’re not yet that confident with numbers.

If you feel in control of your money, you feel in control of your life.

nudge gives you:

  • Financial education stories to help you identify, plan and achieve what you want in life.
  • Simple money management tools to help you plan ahead and take control.
  • Points and badges to track and celebrate your financial learning progress.
  • Unbiased expertise and insights, specific to your world of money with 30+ interests to choose from.
  • Bite-sized knowledge and tips to help you make good decisions, saving you time, effort and money.

And always with a personalised nudge in the right direction whenever you need it, via your preferred method of communication.

It works great on desktops, as well as on your phone.

How do I get access?

Simply start the National Numeracy Challenge, and after you've taken a quick check of your skills, you'll see nudge linked to from your home-screen. 

Get started

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