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Paul Smith

21 Mar 2016

These scrapbooks are perfect

Paul Smith and his daughters Rosie and Belle have been doing the Family Maths Scrapbook Challenge, a weekly maths activity which children complete with their family and record their ideas and findings in a scrapbook.

How did your family first react to the weekly scrapbook challenge?

I have always wanted to impart the joy of maths on to my kids, but it’s difficult to get them to do something outside of school which feels like just more work. These scrapbooks are perfect – the children understand that it’s homework so they don’t question why we’re doing this work, and having gotten over that initial hurdle they tend to enjoy doing the maths with me.

Hove you had to overcome any challenges together?

It helps that the difficulty of the problems is pitched well – these have been challenging enough to be interesting, but not so hard as to be intractable.

Why do you think maths is important?

Logic, reason, pattern spotting and puzzle solving is where the beauty of maths lies – and these scrapbooks give me the perfect excuse to show that beauty to my daughters. 

Currently, the scrapbook activities are provided to schools in year packs of 30. If your child's school is interested in taking part in the scrapbook challenge tell them to get in touch.

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