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We all want our children to feel confident with numbers, even if we don't. 

Whether as a parent, carer or a teacher, building our own confidence with numbers helps when supporting children with maths. The Numeracy Challenge is a great place to start. 

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For National Numeracy Day we're inviting everyone to build their confidence with numbers.
The National Numeracy Challenge lets you learn at your own pace.

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Christine's story

“ I now have the power and confidence to manage my finances independently”

"When I was young I didn’t like maths at all, that was my worst subject! People around me were always saying maths was hard so I just grew up believing it was true.

"I’m at Edinburgh College now and we had to do a numeracy module as part of our course. At first I thought it was a waste of time and I was intimidated by it, but once we started the module it made me feel more confident in maths. Realising how much we use maths in our day-to-day lives made me appreciate it more.

"Improving your numeracy skills gives you that power and independence to be able to manage your own finances, work out your own budgeting, spot the best deals to save a lot of money, and most importantly just be confident in yourself to make good decisions in life. It’s really given me a boost to know that I can work with the numbers and do it independently. I managed to do my tax return myself, which is something I’m really proud of. 

Maths is in our everyday lives and we can’t run away from it – but wherever we’re starting from we can all improve. You have that power within you to become a numbers person – we all do!"

Photo of National Numeracy Day Hero, Christine

What is the National Numeracy Challenge?

It's a free to use website where adults can build their confidence with numbers. It includes a 10min check of your skills and specific learning resources to help you learn only the skills you need. 

By checking and improving in bite sized chunks, at times that suit you, you can join the thousands of others who have used it to build stronger skills and confidence with numbers. 

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