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Research piece

The Elephant in the Classroom: why maths is at the heart of ‘character’ development

20 Jul 2018

There is growing evidence of the importance of what is broadly termed ‘character’, those attitudes and behaviours that underpin success at school and work, such as resilience, motivation and self-control.

Indeed there is a range of data to suggest these ‘non-cognitive’ or so-called ‘soft’ skills more accurately predict long-term educational success than performance in traditional subjects, like maths.

At National Numeracy our vision is for everyone in the UK to have the confidence and competence to use numbers and think mathematically in everyday life, but how can this link to the notions of ‘character’?

Many believe that improving numeracy will be the inevitable by-product of a focus on academic maths.

National Numeracy has taken a different approach and our Essentials of Numeracy embodies the elements that we believe are vital to prepare young people for life in modern Britain, including those notably absent from maths curricula in the UK but present in high-performing countries, and this is where the link with character comes in.

This paper looks at why character, grit and mindset are a key part of learning maths.

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Is ‘character’ a part of your maths teaching? 

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