Count Me In (2010)

The issue of numeracy in the UK is such that standards will only rise significantly enough if there is a coherent, overarching strategy. 

In April 2010, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) published a report highlighting the acute nature of numeracy issues in the UK and the association between poor numeracy and negative outcomes in people’s lives. It suggests there was a need for a charity to work specifically in this field, to match the work done by the National Literacy Trust.  

Good interventions had so far happened locally across the UK, and within targeted projects, but that work had been too fragmented. Analysing the state of the issue, NPC identified the widespread negative attitude towards numbers in the UK as a major barrier to improving skills – one that had to be addressed to enable future progress.  

They pointed out that improving numeracy skills is best done young. However, for those who fall through the system, innovative ways to teach need to be developed. Finally, they stressed the need for a national campaigning voice and coordinating body on improving the numeracy of children and adults.


Vernon, Belinda, Eleanor Stringer, and Esther Paterson. 2010. Count Me In: Improving Numeracy in England.