Parents’ beliefs about children’s math development and children’s participation in math activities (2012)

86% of parents considered doing maths at home important.

Many children in the US do not exhibit adequate maths skills - on average, US children achieve significantly lower maths scores on international assessments such as PISA and TIMSS than children from other industrialised nations. Early maths skills continue to have long-lasting effects as children progress through school, and maths skills have been recognised as important for individual upward mobility and advancing U.S. standing in the global market. One important but relatively understudied mechanism to improve children’s maths skills during preschool and the early school years is maths in the home environment.


Sonnenschein, Susan, Claudia Galindo, Shari R. Metzger, Joy A. Thompson, Hui Chih Huang, and Heather Lewis. 2012. “Parents’ Beliefs about Children's Math Development and Children's Participation in Math Activities.” Child Development Research 2012 (October).