Skills for Life survey (2011)

Nearly 17 million adults have numeracy skills roughly equivalent to those expected of children at primary school (Entry Level 3 or below). The gap between numeracy and literacy was already broad in 2003 but it had expanded further by 2011.

This research from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills reveals the extent of the numeracy issue in England (with other research showing the picture is broadly similar for the rest of the UK) and assesses the impact that different levels of skills have on people’s lives. It also looks at links with other factors, such as age, attitudes and employment status and earnings.

For information on other areas of the UK see: Northern Ireland (Survey of Adult Skills, 2012), Scotland (Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies, 2009) and Wales (National Survey of Adult Skills in Wales, 2010).

2011 skills for life survey: a survey of literacy, numeracy and ICT levels in England. 2012. Department for Business Innovation and Skills.