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"I have slowly but surely got to a better, more positive place with numbers and whilst I won’t be doing a maths PhD anytime soon, I now wholeheartedly believe anyone can learn to manage their dyscalculia or maths anxiety so they can lead a perfectly happy and successful life."


Tips for feeling better about numbers

Iona has dyscalculia and shares some tips for feeling better about numbers if you, or your child, has dyscalculia, sometimes called 'number dyslexia'.

Watch Iona's video and take a look at her tip sheet. Her advice may be useful even if you don't have a dyscalculia diagnosis...

Tips for handling finances if you have dyscalculia

"As someone who has dyscalculia, these tips are based on what has worked for me."

Download money tips

Understanding your payslip

All employees and workers are entitled to a payslip from their first payday, but working out what they mean can be tricky. Iona Bain explains how to decipher them in this resource.

Understanding your payslip

Number confidence for women and girls

How can we make maths work for women and girls?

If you're a woman and you feel a lack of number confidence has been holding you back in life, then you’re not alone. Our research has found a quarter of women (24%) are anxious about numbers – twice as many as men.

Numerous academic studies show there is no gender component to maths ability, and despite lacking the confidence of boys in STEM subjects, girls often outperform their male counterparts in maths and science subjects at GCSE level. Yet fewer girls pursue STEM subjects at A-Level, and women consistently report that they are less number confident than men.

Iona Bain, Rachel Riley and Katya Jones teamed up to discuss their own experiences in a bid to help women and girls feel more confident about numbers and maths. 

Their discussion explores some of the barriers facing women and girls when it comes to numeracy, as well the negative effects of low number confidence on women's lives and livelihoods.