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Training Officer

Closing date: 17 October

The role: 

Our work is needed now more than ever before. This is why we have embarked on a new strategy to make tackling low numeracy an urgent, national issue. We are looking for an enthusiastic training professional with experience in the education sector or workplace training, to join our existing team who deliver our adult confidence-building training sessions, workshops and programmes. These include our acclaimed train-the-trainer ‘Becoming a Numeracy Champion’ programme, our ‘Learner’ sessions to improve the adults’ confidence with numbers, and our ‘Supporting Children’ sessions to help parents & carers develop positive attitudes to numeracy in children.

Some key responsibilities:

  • Train-the-trainer workshops: Deliver our ‘Becoming a Numeracy Champion’ sessions to equip adults with everything they need to support others in improving their numeracy
    (usually online).
  • Learner workshops: Deliver non-maths ‘attitudinal’ workshops for adults aiming to build their confidence with numbers or overcome maths anxiety (usually in person).
  • Sessions for parents & carers: Deliver sessions for parents & carers in the workplace, the community and in schools, about how to support children to develop their number
    confidence (usually in person).
  • Training development: Work with the team on the iterative development and improvement of our training, workshops and programmes.
  • Partner relationships: Maintain positive ongoing relationships with partner organisations where training is delivered. Support our Partnerships team in working with ‘Numeracy Champions’ to carry out their action plans to support target beneficiaries.
  • Voice of the learner: Use contact with target beneficiaries to record learnings and be the ‘voice of the learner’ within the National Numeracy team about low number confidence and maths anxiety.

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