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Working with schools

Our ambition is for all children, students and young people to learn mathematics successfully – and to be positive in their approach to the subject.

We believe this is possible with the right support, and we work with schools in a variety of different ways to improve numeracy levels.

Our numeracy experts have extensive experience gained in a range of education settings. They advise on our project work with schools and have helped us to develop resources that improve numeracy skills and instill positive attitudes to maths across the age range.

Our resources

Through our work and experience with schools we have developed a number of learning resources to help with successful learning of mathematics.

Helping schools to engage parents and carers in supporting their children's maths learning is a particular focus for us. Our Family Maths Toolkit offers information for schools on how best to engage parents, as well as resources and advice for parents and activities for the children themselves.

Our training and resources not only develop schools' maths provision, but also generate funds for National Numeracy's overall work to improve levels of numeracy across the UK.

Our projects

National Numeracy’s team of numeracy experts work directly in schools and with other maths education providers across our range of projects.