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Become a National Numeracy Day Lead Supporter

Help improve the nation’s numeracy, engage stakeholders and raise your business profile by joining us for the sixth annual National Numeracy Day on 17 May.

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The nation’s only day dedicated to improving everyday maths, National Numeracy Day includes engaging activities for your staff and customers and is a fun, inclusive and inspiring campaign supported by celebrities, leading businesses, government departments and civil service organisations.

We need the support of impact-driven organisations to enable this year’s crucial campaign and help us on our mission to improve the nation’s numeracy confidence and skills at home, work and school.

Check out our highlights video to discover the amazing things we achieved in 2022.

"This year’s National Numeracy Day was undoubtedly a success, but our work doesn’t stop here. It’s vital that businesses, policymakers and charities continue to collaborate if we are to truly move the dial on poor numeracy skills."

Bina Mehta, Chair of KPMG, Founding Supporter of National Numeracy Day

What is a Lead Supporter?

Lead supporters are corporate organisations committed to tackling the UK’s crisis of poor numeracy confidence and skills.

As a pioneering organisation, you can help enable the campaign and its impact through a financial contribution, with awareness-raising activity within your own organisation and externally.

Current supporters include our Founding Supporter KPMG alongside Lead Supporters Capital One, PFG, TP ICAP, Experian and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Charity.

Why improve numeracy?

From the Prime Minister’s maths to 18 announcement, to families feeling the cost of living pinch and communities and businesses recovering from the pandemic, the need for everyday number confidence is more important than ever before.

Find out more about the numeracy issue here

Our reach

2022 was a breakthrough year for the National Numeracy Day campaign, achieving a transformational level of impact across the UK, with #NationalNumeracyDay trending at No1 on Twitter.

Our campaign sparked a nationwide number natter, reached over 200m people in the media and inspired over 450,000 actions towards improving numeracy in the UK.

It doesn't end there...

Joining us for National Numeracy Day could be the start of an exciting new partnership between your organisation and National Numeracy.

We can work with you to build a partnership aligned to your strategic goals, focusing on your company, employees and customers.

We offer staff engagement activities including volunteering opportunities, numeracy or money management workshops and more – opportunities that can help your team meet their personal and professional goals.

We'll help build awareness of your social purpose and drive customer loyalty through our impact reports.

You could also help steer the national effort to improve numeracy, along with businesses and government departments, on our prestigious Leadership Council.

Corporate partnerships are vital to helping us improve the nation’s numeracy levels. Your support will help us build on our achievements in 2022, which include:

  • Widespread media coverage with over 300m people reached via 350 media mentions
  • 1,068,080 engagements with people in our work, a 28% increase on 2021
  • Over 500,000 people registered on our free online tool, the National Numeracy Challenge

In addition to our flagship campaign, National Numeracy Day, we also hold campaigns and initiatives throughout the year including Number Confidence Week and Checktember, all aimed at improving people’s confidence and skills with everyday maths.

If you’d like to support National Numeracy Day 2023 or would like more information about broader partnership opportunities, please get in touch with our Partnerships Assistant, Ellie Cornelius-Farrelly.

[email protected]

01273 915 044

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