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We are the only independent charity dedicated to numeracy in the UK. Work with us to help everyone be confident and competent using numbers and data to make good decisions in their daily life

Ways to partner with us

If your company is interested in corporate partnership please get in touch with Cassia Weaver, Partnerships Manager, at or 01273 915 044.

We will work with you to maximse the impact we can have together, bring about lasting change, and support your sustainability strategy as well as the bottom line of your business. 

Read more about our approach below and in our report The Essentials of Numeracy: a new approach to making the UK numerate.  

Rachel used the National Numeracy Challenge to overcome her struggle with numbersImprove numeracy in your workplace

How much do you know about your workforce numeracy levels? You probably know their GCSE result, but what about their everyday maths? We work with employers and over 20 NHS trusts to ensure staff have the Essentials of Numeracy

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TabletImprove the way that you present numbers and data 

Half the adult population struggle with numbers - have you considered the impact on your customers? Can they understand the numbers and data that you share with them? We can help make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure that they do. 

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girl with number lineSupport our charitable work

Could you make a financial donation and provide practical help for us to keep supporting those most in need of support with numeracy? If your company is interested in corporate sponsorship please get in touch or find out more below. 

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Our impact

Meet the people we have helped to overcome maths anxiety.

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