Current funders

Ufi Charitable Trust

National Numeracy is working with the Ufi Charitable Trust on an 18-month project to scale up our online Challenge tool, to allow more adults to assess and improve their numeracy skills in vocational settings. The project team is working with health trusts, employers, unions, online referral sites, employment agencies, colleges, banks and credit agencies, to help adults get the ‘Essentials of Numeracy’, thereby improving their employment and career progression prospects, while helping organisations to increase their productivity and efficiency. The trust also funded our gaming app Star Dash Studios in 2016 and more recently supported our Firm Foundations Digital project.

KPMG logo


We joined forces with KPMG to launch the Essentials of Numeracy and our 2017 report, "A new approach to making the UK numerate", to help the shift in attitude and attainment of numeracy in the UK. We have secured a four-year partnership with the professional services organisation to build momentum and help garner further business endorsement for the Essentials, and backing to influence policy. 


money advice service logo

Money Advice Service 

As part of their “What Works?” initiative the Money Advice Service funded a large-scale project for us to work with MoneySavingExpert and employment, skills and care company, Prospects, to identify which numeracy interventions are most effective at improving people’s numeracy and their attitudes to making financial decisions. The project will run until March 2018.

Nuffield Foundation logo

Nuffield Foundation 

The Nuffield Foundation have funded our recent Q-Step initiative which was developed as a strategic response to the shortage of quantitatively-skilled social science graduates. As a result, we are now working with many universities who are using the Essentials of Numeracy to help social science students feel confident with the numbers and data they need for their studies and future careers.

Ernest Cook Trust logo

Ernest Cook Trust

The Ernest Cook trust kindly provided the funding for the first of our Passport Maths bursary projects in 2017. This allowed five schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students free access to our Year 7 catch-up programme, which is a great opportunity to help their numeracy skills at a critical transitional stage.

Garfield Weston logo

Garfield Weston Foundation

In 2017 Garfield Weston contributed funding to help us amplify and scale up the National Numeracy Challenge across the UK. Over the years the organisation have generously supported our core, attitudes and influencing work.