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How numeracy has helped Peter, Cathy and Joseph with their money

These case studies show how building confidence with numbers can improve your relationship with money.  

Our finances depend on many different things, but you can make sure that maths isn't getting in the way.

If you feel inspired by these stories, why not try the National Numeracy Challenge to start improving your numeracy today?

From struggling with sums to doing his own accounts: Peter's story

Peter, a retired graphic designer who runs his own DIY business, said taking the National Numeracy Challenge made him realise the important role number confidence has played in his life – in his work, when taking charge of his own finances, and now helping friends with their own numeracy.


Cathy’s story

Cathy had a difficult relationship with maths over the years. Now, as well as building her own confidence, she’s working with National Numeracy to help people in the community strengthen their number skills.

When she left home she was not confident with budgeting. Living on benefits and spending money as soon as she got it, then borrowing to get to the end of the month meant that debt quickly spiralled out of control. 

Find out how Cathy built her confidence with numeracy and money management. 


How Joseph got out of debt

Joseph and his brother Chima had a Big Number Natter for National Numeracy Day. 

In it they open up about how Joseph ending up in £35,000 of debt affected them both, and now that Joseph is debt free, what advice he has for others.