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BBC work with National Numeracy to change ‘maths mindsets’

4 Mar 2019

Today BBC Bitesize launched a new suite of resources focused on adults returning to learning, the website includes videos made together with National Numeracy.

Part of the point of these resources is to change negative perceptions towards learning as an adult. We’ve seen that negative ideas about maths and numeracy are some of the hardest to overcome.

The BBC worked with National Numeracy to show – in a fun way – that a lot of the difficulties associated with maths are about mindset not inherent ability.


The Maths Mindset video focuses on five ways to address the feelings and behaviours that could be holding us back when it comes to maths.

The Maths Myths video looks at some of the common things we wrongly assume about maths that discourage us from trying in the first place.

Give them a go and see if they challenge your thinking.

Visit BBC Bitesize - Returning to Learning