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Black Friday money tips from our Ambassadors

23 Nov 2023

It's that time of year when we're bombarded by special offers. 

But how do we know if Black Friday and Cyber Monday's offers are genuine, or just a clever ploy to get us to part with our well-earned cash?

Feeling confident with your numeracy can help you work out what’s a bargain, and what’s not.

But don't just take our word for it...

National Numeracy celebrity ambassadors Martin Lewis, Iona Bain and Timi Merriman-Johnson

Our money expert Ambassadors are here to help

We are lucky to count three brilliant money experts as Ambassadors for our independent charity - Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, Iona Bain and Timi Merriman-Johnson, aka Mr MoneyJar.

First have a look at our Ambassador's top money tips and then try our free online tool to help boost your number confidence and skills.

The nation’s favourite Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is a long-standing Ambassador for our charity. 

Martin told viewers on his ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live programme last week to remember his ‘Black Friday shopping menu’. It’s a simple way to work out if you really need to splash the cash.

Martin said: “If you were going to buy it anyway, and its half price, you've saved 50%. If you weren't going to buy it, but do it because its half price, it's cost you 100%. So be careful.”

If you'd like to test your money mettle, have a go at Martin's 'Baked Bean Challenge' in the video below. Can you spot the worst deal? Martin shows you how.

Iona Bain is BBC Morning Live’s money expert, and a National Numeracy Ambassador.

Iona has dyscalculia, often called ‘dyslexia for numbers’. She is passionate about helping anyone who struggles with numbers, just like her.

One of Iona top tips for feeling financially confident is: “Hold on to your receipts. In a cashless society, it helps to remind yourself what you are spending money on.”

Our third money expert Ambassador is Timi Merriman-Johnson, aka Mr MoneyJar. 

Timi helps people get the most out of the money in their pockets. One of his top tips for Black Friday is to think about whether it’s the right time to splurge. Might saving up for that favourite item be a better bet?

Timi said: “It’s hard to spend on anything but essentials right now, so plan for purchases by making a wish list and prioritise your favourites. You might need to save up.”

Good numeracy can be your most valuable tool while shopping. 

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday we need to be able to spot a fake deal on the fly. 

Good numeracy can be more valuable while shopping than any comparison app. If you know your numbers and feel confident to use them in everyday situations, you will be able to see through the often confusing offers. 

From percentages and fractions to measurements and quantities, the National Numeracy Challenge focuses on the maths that's genuinely useful in data to day life. 

Find out more about the National Numeracy Challenge and how it can help you. 

Over half a million adults have already started their journey and 9 out of 10 would recommend it to family and friends. 

A quick check to see where your skills are only takes 10 minutes.  

Try Martin Lewis' Baked Bean Challenge. Can you spot the worst deal? Martin shows you how.

Get more money resources

When we recently celebrated Number Confidence Week, we created a host of new resources to build confidence with money management. These are a great place to start:

Get resources

Try the National Numeracy Challenge

 However you feel about maths, you’re not alone. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website you can use to improve your confidence with numbers, in your own time and at your own pace.

It’s ideal for brushing up, checking your level, or for catching up on learning you missed, and it’s all about the maths you need in daily life and at work – no algebra or trigonometry.

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