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Easter blog: It's never too choco-late for some family maths

6 Apr 2023

By Ishraq Li-Rahman, National Numeracy Training Officer 

(Warning, this blog contains a lot of Easter themed yolks which you may or may not find very bunny!) 

Maths learning doesn't have to mean maths eggs-ams! As we settle into the Easter break, it's a good chance to chick out our Family Maths Toolkit and spend some time learning together with some fun, everyday activities. You won’t have to shell out for it either, it’s completely free! 


By engaging in maths as a family during the holidays and pointing it out in the real world, we are showing kids that maths is more than just a school subject and helping them build more positive attitudes towards numbers.

Doing this year-round can make children more motivated to learn and positively influence their attainment at school.  

If you’re worried that you aren’t confident enough with numbers yourself (don’t worry, a lot of parents and carers feel that way), rest assured, you don’t have to be an eggs-pert to support your loved ones. Just being present and involved can make all the difference.

Resources to help 

If you still have doubts, you can hop over to our Supporting parents and families section where we have some great resources on current teaching methods and how to talk to children about maths, that can help too. These two Easter themed activities might be a good place to get cracking:

Easter Egg Symmetry 

Use Easter eggs as an opportunity to explore the concept of symmetry. 


Easter Egg Patterns

Pattern recognition is great way to explore numeracy in a visual way, and you can have some fun by making up your own patterns. 


If you think you’d prefer something a little more challenging, the next time you go shopping you could see which Easter eggs give you the most chocolate per pound (£) and if the special offers are actually the cheep-est. Or you could measure the length of an Easter egg together and calculate how many would eggs laid end to end would cover a distance of 1 mile.  

If Easter isn’t your thing, that’s ok too – you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. Our Family Maths Toolkit has 200+ activities to choose from! You can g-rabbit now by heading hare to our Family Maths Toolkit page. There's no eggs-cuse not to! 🐣 

Like pet rabbits, maths learning isn’t just for Easter, so also join us for National Numeracy Day on the 17th of May. There are even more fun activities for kids, including our Number Heroes competition where they can win some fantastic prizes for themselves and their school.

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