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Engaging parents with our Family Maths resources

7 Nov 2019

In a recent parental engagement project, run by National Numeracy in partnership with UBS, 10 schools in London were provided with scrapbooks and activities. This project aimed to increase confidence with maths amongst children, as well as improve the confidence of parents in supporting their children’s learning.

Teachers at participating schools reported:

  • A higher proportion of parents ‘always’ supported their child’s learning at the end of the project, engaged with the school, and engaged in conversations about maths.
  • Most parents said that they felt more confident engaging with school activities and events.
  • A significant positive shift in pupils’ confidence: 88% of teachers disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement that their pupils lack confidence talking about maths by the end of the project, compared to 55% at the start.
  • An increase in pupils actively participating in maths lessons, with 63% of pupils ‘always’ participating in class maths activities, compared to just 48% at the start of the project. 

5 ways Family Maths resources can help your students with maths

We asked two teachers from schools involved in the parental engagement project to tell us about the impact our Family Maths resources were having in their schools:

  1. See the maths outside of the classroom

    “The activities helped children to do maths at home and open up to maths, to see outside the box rather than to see it as traditional sums. Maths can be investigative and there’s no right or wrong answer – you can investigate your own way.”  

    “The activity on going to the park and finding leaves was used across lots of year groups, because it was practical.” 
  2. Break down barriers to parental engagement

    “Parents are actually keen to take their learning home.” 

    “We’re constantly praising the parents at the door, and that actually shows that the parents are keen to get praise.” 
  3. Get started quickly and easily

    “It’s something that we could take on board quickly without a lot of planning and prep.It’s not a heavy task for teachers to do time-wise.” 

    “There is little input outside of class time, apart from reading the sheets so you’re prepped for them and printing them out.” 
  4. Transform attitudes to maths

    “The children that used to sit back and shy up, that wouldn’t take part in anything, are actually taking part and there’s a real difference in their motivation.” 

    “Children see that their parents are doing maths, and doing it with them, and celebrating it.” 
  5. Get parents and children talking about maths – to each other and everyone else!

    “There’s definitely a lot more talking about maths going on at home.” 

    “They’re sharing - it’s about talking to different people at home, having different experiences like going to the park, then that opens up other conversations about what they did.” 

How Shahana was able to boost parental engagement at her school

Teacher Shahana shares more about how she was able to use Family Maths resources to increase parental engagement at her school.

Try our Family Maths Resources

Our Family Maths Scrapbooks and Activities are designed to help schools engage parents and families with their children's maths learning. The weekly activities, best suited to reception and years 1-6, allow families and children to explore everyday maths problems together and are designed to help children make a connection between what they are learning at school with situations in everyday life.

Visit the Family Maths Toolkit

The Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together. The site also offers resources to help teachers support family engagement with children's maths learning.