Help with maths following school closures: free activities and online resources

Going back to school is a little different this year, so National Numeracy is offering free activities to help families support children going back to school this autumn.

The pack, containing 28 activities for children aged between 4 and 11, can be downloaded and used by anyone via the links below. 

The activities are aligned to the 2014 English National Curriculum and support children's learning at school, but do so through a unique emphasis on everyday maths. You don’t need to be a numbers expert to enjoy the activities, as they encourage families to have fun together discovering real-life maths. 

If you find the free activities useful and would like further resources, you can purchase them here:

Resources for parents

Resources for schools

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Activities are sorted below by age group, click to download:

Reception (ages 4-5)

Year 1 (ages 5-6)

Year 2 (ages 6-7)

Year 3 (ages 7-8)

Year 4 (ages 8-9)

Year 5 (ages 8-9)

Year 6 (ages 10-11)

More tips and activities to support your child with learning maths at home

Follow the links below:

Family Maths Toolkit

Maths on Toast

Maths with Parents (a resource for schools)


Our social media thread

Please let us know if you are an educational organisation with any other free online numeracy or maths resources and we will keep adding them to our thread.

Improve your everyday maths with the National Numeracy Challenge

Looking for something for older children and grown ups? The National Numeracy Challenge is a free website to help you check and improve your numeracy - the maths you use in daily life and at work. In March 2020 the Challenge was updated with a whole new look, a new quick check so that it only takes around ten minutes to check your skills, videos to show that however you feel about maths, you’re not alone, and increased flexibility, so that you can choose what you want to do. The website is suitable for secondary school children and above. 

Give it a go

Who are National Numeracy?

National Numeracy is an independent charity established in 2012 to help raise low levels of numeracy among both adults and children and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills. We want everyone in the UK to feel confident with numbers and to have the help they need with everyday maths skills.