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Free training for CLD practitioners in Scotland

28 Jul 2022

In September, National Numeracy began Phase 2 of a project funded by Education Scotland’s STEM Grants programme, aiming to reach Community Learning Development (CLD) practitioners and STEM Ambassadors in Scotland.

Working in partnership with the STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Hub from STEM Learning, based at SSERC, the project centred around National Numeracy’s Becoming a Numeracy Champion: Children, families and feeling good about maths programme.

a child and her parents learning together

The training was designed to help understand the barriers people face when accessing maths learning, how children and parents can be supported to develop positive attitudes, and how to help promote positive parental engagement.

Equipping the CLD practitioners and STEM Ambassadors with this training, the project’s main aim was to improve confidence in these groups, and give champions the knowledge and understanding to support families with numeracy upskilling in community-based learning.

Champions will go on to use their training to support people in the community to feel good about maths, so they feel more able to engage with numeracy learning.

With four online training programmes, Phase 2 of the project had funded places available for up to 30 individual CLD practitioners and STEM Ambassadors in the following locations:

  • Northern Alliance (programme started 1st September 2022)
  • South East Collaborative (programme started 20th October 2022)
  • Tayside Collaborative (programme started 30th November 2022)
  • All regions in Scotland (programme started 1st December 2022) 

Each programme was delivered online in three x 2-hour sessions over three consecutive weeks. Thanks and well done to all those who took part.


Participants in Phase 1 of the project fed back that the training helped them feel much more confident in supporting people with numeracy:

  • 100% said they feel more able to support children in developing positive attitudes towards numeracy
  • 97% said that they feel more confident working with adults to help them develop positive attitudes towards numeracy in children
  • 100% said that they now feel more able to support people with their numeracy
  • 97% said that the programme made them feel more able to plan practical next steps to improve the way they support numeracy for children and families.

The funding from Education Scotland’s STEM Grants Programme was underpinned by their STEM strategy and Making Maths Count report.

If you are a CLD practitioner working in Scotland and are interested in getting involved or finding out more about the project, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]