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Join us for Making the Most of Your Money - a livestreamed event for National Numeracy Day 2024

14 May 2024

For the first time ever, National Numeracy will be holding a Big Number Natter Live event for National Numeracy Day2024.

'Making the Most of Your Money' will feature a panel of money experts giving their top tips and taking questions from both the live and online audience.

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Big number natter live

This is our first ever ‘Big Number Natter Live’ event for adults and what a panel of experts we have lined up to help you with your number and money worries!

Chaired by National Numeracy Ambassador Timi Merriman-Johnson, founder of Mr MoneyJar, the event panel will include:

  • Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor of the Financial Times
  • Abigail Foster, Founder of Elent Finance
  • Sam Sims, CEO, National Numeracy
  • Katie Watts, Campaigns and Policy Lead,  Money Saving Expert

Boosting your number confidence and making the most of your money

The event will focus on the power of confidence and numeracy skills when it comes to managing your money. 

Panellists will share their expertise, covering the practical ‘basics’ for using everyday maths skills to manage finances, including budgeting, saving and debt.

The panel will take questions from the live audience in Tower Hamlets, London, and from people watching live online. Our panellists to give practical, actionable tips as well as share some of their own experiences about using everyday maths skills to manage finances, including budgeting, saving, debt, good habits etc.

How can I join the event?

There are two ways to join the event:

  • In person: Please email [email protected] to get a free ticket to be in the audience at the live event, being held 4pm-5pm on Weds 22 May 2024 at the Idea Store, Whitechapel, London.
  • Online:  Join us from the comfort of your home or office by clicking on the livestream link at 4pm on 22 May 2024.

The Big Number Natter and why it matters for money

We launched The Big Number Natter we know that, love it or loathe it, everybody has something to say about maths! And we want to hear it all - the good, bad and the ugly!

People often tell National Numeracy about feeling anxious and fearful about tackling numbers in daily life. They often talk shying away from managing their finances, about getting into debt, or ignoring bills.

Sometimes they talk about how a lack of confidence to use or work with numbers has held them back in life, damaging career and life chances. Bad experiences at school often arise. And people often tell us how they feel ashamed not to be able to help their kids.

But we know that talking about the way they feel about numbers is a first step towards improving numeracy. Talking and thinking about the numbers in our life, exploring our feelings around maths and hopefully feeling encouraged and inspired to have a go at improving.

Grab you free Big Number Natter resources 

More Big Number Natters from celebrities and real-life

In addition to this livestreamed event our charity Ambassadors, many celebrities get involved with The Big Number Natter, by taking part in chats, posting on social media etc. This year stars lending their support include Katie Price, Chris Packham, Michelle Ogundehin, Sir Quentin Blake, Tony Singh, Kaye Adams and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. And a host of influencers, content creators and experts get involved too.

And take a look at our wide variety of real-life Big Number Natters with people exploring how they feel about the numbers in their own lives

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