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Katya, Bobby and Harry’s National Numeracy Day Afterparty

14 May 2021

Join Katya Jones, Bobby Seagull, Harry Baker and friends on Instagram Live for all the chat, gossip and tips as they wrap up National Numeracy Day 2021 with an online afterparty at 6pm on Wednesday 19 May.

Expect some surprise faces, a few challenges and lots of fun with Strictly Come Dancing’s Katya, The Answer Trap quizmaster Bobby and champion poet Harry.

They are on a mission to make maths less scary, so join them on Katya’s Instagram account and have your dance shoes handy! Everyone is invited!

Promo image for the Afterparty live event

It's really easy to join the afterparty – follow our fantastic ambassador @katyajones over on Instagram, make sure you have the app open at 6pm next Wednesday, and you'll be notified when Katya goes live for the party!

We'd love you to join in and tell Katya, Bobby and Harry what you've been up to for National Numeracy Day.


What our ambassadors say...

Katya Jones

“I am not a mathematician, but I am curious about numbers. If you are curious, you can go on a journey to learn something new. I use numbers when I choreograph and dance, but just like everyone else I also need them in my everyday life. I have always looked at numbers as an exciting game, to me they are magical and playful!

It is so important to foster this positive mindset with our children! I believe it will spark bigger opportunities for them if they go out there - into the big, wide world - with confidence. I am delighted to be an ambassador for National Numeracy and can’t wait to bring some sparkle and help everyone see how welcoming and rewarding numbers can be!”

Katya Jones headshot

Bobby Seagull

“I believe that everyone can do Maths and definitely improve their numeracy. We need to dispel the myth that only certain types of people have a mind for numbers.

I'm proud to support the work of National Numeracy in helping adults to build their numeracy and overcome their maths phobia. Developing your confidence in working with numbers can lead to happier people!”

Bobby Seagull headshot

Harry Baker

“I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for National Numeracy, numbers have changed my life in a big way, whether it is noticing the patterns in nature or constructing rhythm and rhyme in my writing, but I’m aware that (as with poetry!) some people are put off because of a bad experience they’ve had when they are younger, so I hope that by reframing it more people are able to experience some of the joy that maths can bring.”

Harry Baker headshot

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National Numeracy has developed an online tool to help you improve your numeracy and boost your confidence. This interactive website is free to use at home, at work or on the move. You can assess your current level of numeracy – completely anonymously – and then begin an online journey to getting the Essentials of Numeracy.