Mathematics, Numbers and Data in Daily Life – Professor Chris Linton

Professor Chris LintonProfessor Chris Linton, National Numeracy trustee, has written an article for Science in Parliament, the official journal of the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee.

In the article, titled Mathematics, Numbers and Data in Daily Life: A Hidden Crisis at the Base of the Pyramid, Professor Linton discusses the importance of helping those with low maths confidence and the great benefit this would have on the nation.

He argues: "Just as a basic level of physical fitness is increasingly recognised to be within everyone’s grasp, good numeracy is within the grasp of anyone who is currently held back by low confidence."

That there are false assumptions built into almost all areas of life, around everyday mathematical skills of the population, is highlighted in the full article below (copyright: Parliamentary & Scientific Committee). You can also find links to the National Numeracy research mentioned by Professor Linton below.

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